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Issue Title
Vol 2, No 01 (2017): May-June Antibacterial Activity of Allium ampeloprasum Against ESBL+ve Escherichia Coli and Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus by Transmission Electron Microscopy Abstract   PDF
Waseem Mohammed Abdul, Nahid H Hajrah, Jamal SM Sabir, Furkhan Ahmed Mohammed, Salim M.A. El-Hamidy, Saleh Al Garni, Khalid Rehman Hakeem, Kulvinder Singh Saini, Roop Singh Bora
Vol 2, No 01 (2017): May-June Assessment Genetic Diversity Landraces In Onobrychis Sativa Using SSR, RAPD and SRAP Markers Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Sharifi Sedeh
Vol 1, No 01 (2016): July-August Effect of Milk Replacer on the Growth of Goat Kids Abstract   PDF
Ali Ghulam Bugti, Hubdar Ali Kaleri, Mujahid Ali Shah, Sher Zaman, Mir Azeem Iqbal, Abdul Khalique Samo, Naqash Goswami, Rameez Raja Kaleri
Vol 1, No 01 (2016): July-August Effect of Rainfall Variability on Maize Yield in Gassol LGA, Taraba State, Nigeria Abstract   PDF
Oruonye Edem, Ahmed YM, Gambo MN, Tukura E
Vol 1, No 01 (2016): July-August Endophytic Fungi Isolated from Musa acuminata ‘Dwarf Cavendish’ and their Activity against Phytopathogenic Fungi Abstract   PDF
Andreea Cosoveanu, Elena Trujillo Martin, Cristina Gimenez Marino, Matias Reina, Rhiannon Miriam Flavin, Raimundo Cabrera
Vol 2, No 01 (2017): May-June Enhancement of maize growth and alteration of the rhizosphere microbial community by phosphate-solubilizing fungus Aspergillus aculeatus P93 Abstract   PDF
Zhongwei Yin, Bingquan Fan, Daniel P. Roberts, Sanfeng Chen, Fachao Shi, Jeffrey S. Buyer, Hongmei Jiang
Vol 1, No 01 (2016): July-August Evaluation of Soil Biological Agents as Indicators of Soil Health Abstract   PDF
Preetha Nair
Vol 1, No 02 (2016): November-December Genetic Identification of Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) for High Nutritional Value Traits in DHLs derived from Black Rice Abstract   PDF
M. Fazaa, G. Anis, Tahany M. Mazal, A. EL Sabagh, C. Barutçular, M. S. Islam
Vol 1, No 02 (2016): November-December Genetic Studies on Agro-Morphological Traits in Rice (Oryza sativa L.) under Water Stress Conditions Abstract   PDF
Hassan, M. H., E. F. A. Arafat, A. EL Sabagh
Vol 1, No 02 (2016): November-December Genetic Variability, Heritability and Genetic Advance for Yield and Associated Traits in F2 Rice Population Abstract   PDF
Hefena A. G., M. S. Sultan, M. A Abdel-Moneam, S. A. Hammoud, Celaleddin Barutçular, A. EL- Sabagh
Vol 1, No 02 (2016): November-December Genetic Variability in F2 Generation for Some Physio-Morphological Characteristics in Rice Abstract   PDF
Ali EL Badri, Galal Anis, Ahmed Hefeina, Celaleddin Barutçular, Ayman EL Sabagh
Vol 1, No 02 (2016): November-December Influence of Gibberellic Acid Application on Seed Production Quality of Female Line in Hybrid Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Abstract   PDF
EL Sabagh A, Abo- Gendy GI, Abo- Youssef MI, Mohamed AE
Vol 2, No 01 (2017): May-June Information Systems for Urban and Regional Planning Abstract   PDF
Sadaf Kheirodin
Vol 1, No 01 (2016): July-August Study of the Impact of EMS-induced Mutations on the Growth and Morpho-Phenological Traits in Pea (Pisum sativum L) Abstract   Untitled   PDF
Amol Ramesh Savant, Rishikesh Haribhau Autade, Bhausaheb Babanrao Ghorpade, Sarika Annasaheb Fargade, Pravin Sukhdeo Gaikar, Suresh Haribhau Antre
Vol 2, No 01 (2017): May-June The Effect of Exogenous Application of Proline and Glycine Betaineon the Nodule Activity of Soybean Under Saline Condition Abstract   PDF
A. EL Sabagh, S. Sorour, A. Ragab, H. Saneoka, M.S. Islam
Vol 1, No 01 (2016): July-August Yearly Difference in Normalised Seed Weight of Cultivated Iris dichotoma Pall in Mongolia Abstract   PDF
Narantsetseg Amartuvshin, Nanjidsuren Ochgerel
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