Journal of Art & Social Sciences

Modernization In India

Sharmista C.


Modernization is a revolutionary change leading to transformation of a traditional or pre modern society. Modernization involves not only the changes in the culture of a nation but also in its belief systems, values and a way of life on the whole. In fact, modernization is a process which brings desired types of changes in the social structure, value orientations, motivations and norms. It is a process of transformation of society, from its backward framework to a forward outlook, progressing and prospering structural build up. This process is not a process which has emerged out just recently. It started in the colonial phase of the history of many nations. It is true after world war second; it has gained momentum and has become broad based. Modernization does not mean mere imitation of some advanced countries. It is a process which helps a nation to establish its identity. A modernized society is that society is that society which can make full use of the discoveries and innovations in the field of science and technologies. It is a society which can tap the natural resources for the better living of its members. It is a society which has the cultural patterns which favour the adoption of new methods and techniques, in enriching societies’ physical, moral and socio economic life. This society recognizes the value of cultural heritage but is not bound by the patterns of beliefs, in the sense that the sciences have exploded their myths. There is a tendency among some people to accept whatever is prevalent in the west .They try to adopt the western ways of life, language, modes of dress and fashions. But modernization is not westernization. It is not all that which is there in the west. Industrialisation helps in modernization, but industrialization of a nation does not mean the modernization of it. Industrialization speeds up and directs the process of modernization. It is not by itself modernization. Modernization takes a variety of forms. Industrial and technological forms of it are the most spectacular. Besides these, changes often take place simultaneously in such diverse fields as education, agricultural methods and recreation. Any innovation in any of the above areas sets in motion profound changes.

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