Journal of Agriculture Biotechnology

Influence of Gibberellic Acid Application on Seed Production Quality of Female Line in Hybrid Rice (Oryza sativa L.)

EL Sabagh A, Abo- Gendy GI, Abo- Youssef MI, Mohamed AE


Currently, little information is available on the effects of Gibberellic acid (GA3) application on Seed Production quality of hybrid rice after harvest. Therefore, an attempt was made in Rice Research and Training Center farm, Egypt to find out the optimum amount of Gibberellic acid during growth application for improving the seedling characters after harvesting of hybrid rice. The results indicated that, the maximum values of germination percent , germination index, root volume, root/shoot ratio, shoot length and root length were recorded by using by using 400 g/ha gibberellic acid during growth stage. Overall, it seems germination characters were promoted by application of GA3 and could be beneficial for seed production of hybrid rice by enhancing seed quality (germination).


Germination characteristics, Gibberellic acid, Hybrid rice

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